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At one time or another, each of us has or will question the meaning of his/her life. Is our life a simple pragmatic activity? Or is there an understandable reason, a dimension beyond concrete materialism, a universal movement that could be called spirituality.

These fundamental questions are at the heart of our sessions. Each of them starts with a talk on a particular theme that deepens, followed by a dialogue with the audience.

Since his childhood, André Riehl, has devoted more than 50 years to this quest. As a perpetual seeker, he has studied and traveled to the Mt Athos Greek monasteries, the sufi tarikas of Afghanistan and Morocco, Kabalistic circles of Israel, Buddhist monasteries of Nepal, Zen studies centers and ashrams of India, but also more recently among modern schools of microbiology and astrophysics studies.

Today, he transmits the Teachings he has directly received from his instructors, mainly from the Kashmir Shaivism yoga tradition bringing together ancient knowledge and contemporary scientific discoveries.

According to ancestral transmission, yoga is not a physical practice, but much more a vibrant quest into the depths of the many meanings of life. The relationship to body as matter, to the subtilities of the mind, to our human social partnership with nature and also to our immense  universe all together deepen this quest.

The best way for facing these questions is a quiet and silent mind. When the thought becomes silent, a natural capacity of deep perception arises by itself. This insight both intense and subtle is of a great help for discovering the origin, the significances and the subtle movements of life itself. There, a beauty and an incredible feeling of quietude can be lived.

These encounters are open to all. They do not approach any practical exercise but provide instead a deep inter-personal reflection. Though, when it is applied with clever affection and a high-level of sensitivity, it is a wonderful means for going deep into the mysteries and realities of life.


NOVEMBER: Friday, 14 Th 19:30

Consciousness and perception

To be conscious seems to be one of the keys for both individual and collective life. What does it mean to live consciously? Is it possible to extend one’s field of perception and develop a precise and very fine attention towards our environment?

DECEMBER: thursday, 11Th 19:30

Love and relationship

Today, to love and to feel loved are often bringing strong changes in our life trajectories. Is love definitely depending on relationship? Could there be a quality of love which would be radically free and untouched from any relationship?

JANUARY: friday, 9 Th 19:30

Energy and action

Being alive implies action and therefore energy for acting. When dealing with daily events, can action be initiated without it being simply a compulsive reaction?  Or is its origin rooted in something else? Is there an energy without intention?

FEBRUARY thursday, 12 Th  19:30

Questions / Answer

This session with no particular theme, will give opportunities for deepening inter personal and general questions coming from the audiences. Already written given themes and questions put at the beginning of the talk will be discussed and deepen together trying to show the links between them all.

This session will also introduce the Kashmir Shivaism Yoga seminar planned in Romania February 28th and March 1st



December: Thursday, 11Th 19:30 LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP
Today, to love and to feel loved are often bringing strong changes in our life trajectories. Is love definitely depending on relationship? Could there be a quality of love which would be radically free and untouched from any relationship?
Another thing is when we have this encounters it is important not to understand them as simple conferences. This means that we are trying to go into topics which have to do with ordinary life and many times we think that spirituality is out of everyday life. And this idea has brought a lot of confusion because we have to understand is that every second can be, let’s call it spiritual.
What do we mean by spirituality?
It is something very, very simple and is very natural for the human being. And what happened thru history, thru time was that we set up, maintain a set of ideas and ideals which are very far of our daily life. And we have invented strange ideas, but what we are looking for is very far or very difficult. And once these ideas became being spread then we have settled big organizations or religions or philosophies or metaphysics and so, strange we got very far from our lives. And today there is a fashion, is not today it’s maybe 50 years, about the eastern traditions. And the eastern traditions are becoming a new fantasy.
So, I think what we have to understand is that if there is a quality of spirituality it has to be alive in our daily life. So it is not an idea, it is not a practice; it is a natural quality of the human beings. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have to study it intellectually or practically, it means that from the right beginning we have to understand that it has to do with the human being.
And being a complete human being is not depending on space that is India or whatever or time that is many years ago or next life. So it means that it has to do with right now. Not acquiring something for tomorrow, not wanting to become somebody else, but right now is what we are so try to do as good as possible to be totally complete.
That requires a particular quality. The quality is mainly listening. That is, we could say, being almost passive. That is, for example when we go to the cinema we are very passive, we are sitting in a chair or armchair and things on the screen are coming to you, which are images, music and moves, dialogs and if you are very passive what you see and what you hear meets what you are.
And when you go to the cinema and you are watching with already false/previous images, ideas, memories and now the question is: is it possible to listen without them? This requires a lot of attention.
So, when we are into this meeting together it requires you to be very, very attentive and attentive to everything that happens, everything that happens also within you being aware of it. So, for example if you are taking notes, can you listen? If you busy taking notes are you totally listening? It’s very difficult. If you are doing anything, there is a part of yourself that it is busy with whatever and you cannot be totally attentive. ‘Cause what we are talking about is very difficult so you have to give a full attention. And the reason why we need full attention is that the state of full attention is what we call spirituality.
The moment your attention is very intense, you may be able to realize things that are already there, but the only reason we didn’t realize, was because we were not attentive enough. Attention is the key of what we call spirituality.
Now, we are meeting about a theme today, the theme is Love and Relationship. The subtitle is: Today to love and to feel love are often bringing strong changes in our lives.
I will put a question: is love definitely depending on relationship?
Is there a quality of love which will be radically free?
And radically untouched by any relation?
These are only questions. And if we start saying Yes or No, then there are no more questions and there is no more inquiring. Love is something very common. And relationship also, it’s very common we know about many relationships.
So, the question is: could there be a quality of love that has nothing to do with relationships?
Now, I suppose you read the theme and you know what is all about. There is no particular point to start from . You have to give me a start point. What is your motivation when we are talking about Love and Relations? I need to know your motivations before we are going to any kind of topic.
What type of love exists: romantic love, love for ourselves? How can make difference between them?
How can a handle a relationship where there is all about the other person never about myself?
A couple with spiritual interests, different spiritual guides, is it possible to have a relationship?
In a meditation I had a revelation that all what is not coming from love brings you misery. How can you preserve this state in our daily lives? How can you act from that state of love?
Relationships as a habit; what’s the antidote?
How can I do to love myself more?
What is the connection between silence and love?
What is love?
As we have heard when we are talking about and we are questioning this affection or love, most of the questions are How to do this? How to live that? How to realize this? and when you start putting questions about HOW, there is always something within us which is hoping to get an answer from outside. Almost all of us has experienced everything that is coming from outside and the answers we have are never bringing satisfaction.
There were only 2 questions beginning different then HOW: what is it and what is the connection ….
We often start from things that are easy to understand, because we already experienced them. There are many different ways of having a sensation, there is a general good that we represent us as love. And all of us we had experienced different things which are including big global word. As somebody asked what different kind of love exists and the old guy that I am had experienced very different kind of love, let’s call it as general word. For example we have something that we call sympathy or friendship or sentimentalism or passion or devotion or compassion and it has to do with something that is faith. So, most of us we are already experienced all this different possibilities and we had experience for example when we love our children we don’t feel the same as when we love our partner or when we love both.
I remember last time I was in Bucharest I walked alone few time on the street and one day I was walking alone on the streets and there was a church in front of which there were hundreds of people queuing. It was about 10 o’clock in the morning so I tried to step in to see what’s going on and there was some policeman telling me that I cannot enter and I have to queue. And the queue was very long so I didn’t stay.
So it was 10 o’clock in the morning and at 5 o’clock in the evening there were still same queue, but this time the queue was in another place, in the back of the church. I could get then into the church and there were many people and they were coming in front of the icons with 3 different types of positions of the hands, and at the end of that they were kissing the icon and putting their forehead. So this is also a king of adoration. And there was a lady who was almost crying. And I went to relieve her and I asked her is there anything I can do for you, is there a way to help you? She said I lost my child and I come to the Virgin Mary and she said I come here more or less to tell her to take care of my child. And she was very hopeful. So we’ve talked for a few minutes. And in this few minutes it was all about self pity.
So when this kind of things happen it is very difficult to differentiate what comes from self pity and what comes from adoration. So many times we are confused. When we go to different possibilities of kind of love, we have to be very attentive. That means to this movement of love is there something which belong to habits like for example to pity yourself or taking in account only the partner or taking into account only yourself is also a habit or taking into account an idea of what relationship should be is also a habit. Because we have many many ideas of what things should be and we are unsatisfied because things are not how you would like. For the adult that we are, the man and women relationship is a big issue in our life’s. Is it possible to be in loved of someone else without this imagines? You might have noticed that when you feel in love of somebody else we are waiting that person to be or to say a particular word; not from the right beginning but it comes very quickly. At the beginning most of the time there is a freshness and most of the time the habit or the conditioning are overtaking the freshness. Because we see the other person with habits that we don’t like. In India they have a saying: If you want to meet a real princess then you must be a prince. Or if you want to meet a prince you have to be a princess. So the question is: is it possible to be a prince of love? The prince of love would be when a king of relationship with a child, or with a parent or with a friend or with a lover or with an idea, whatever, have a common point. Is there a common point? Yes, there is. Only the translator believes that?
It is difficult to put in word this common point. For example: where is this common point coming from? Many times along our lives we fall in love several times. What you feel, what you live is most of the time the same thing, but people involved are different. Then the question is: do we need a particular thing to feel love or is it something coming from ourselves? It seems that is coming from ourselves. When 2 persons are realizing that the love within us and there is much more love within themselves and this 2 persons are close together then the sensation is much stronger. You can not put that in the newspaper saying that I’m looking for a particular person which is 1,60 tall, blonde hair, graduate, speaking 5 languages, unless there is this perception of love within you that if you find that person then is not enough.
Would you imagine that it is possible to put ourselves of being lovable?
This is the very true point: if we put ourselves in this lovable position is not a truck of being loves is a position within ourselves. So are you lovable?
Are you ready to be lovable? Do you understand why this is important? If you are not lovable, how can you feel love? Anyone who does need to become self romantic – narcissistic – it has nothing to do with being lovable and it is neither being satisfied with your capacity of thinking, it has nothing to do with your body or with the thought. So if you put aside of being self satisfied with your appearance and capacity of thinking, what is it that is loved? I suppose you understand, if you feel that you are beautiful for example, some people will think you are not. If you think you are very intelligent, some people will think you are not. If you think you have a lot of kindness some people will think you don’t have enough. So if you take this ideas or the physical shape, or the feelings aside what is it that is loved?
We are not taking about seduction. Because seduction is a process which is linked to the memory, to what we desire, to expectation. And we all experienced that when is coming from the memory, for example, you can show yourself, you can show a different side of yourself and when you become clever it is easy to play a game. But this has to do with seduction. It is certain that you will be deceived or that person will be deceived by you. Because you show a face, a side of yourself just to be taken into count.
To be lovable has nothing to do with this. It is related to realizing that what you are is lovable. For most of us the fact that we were born comes from a situation when 2 people were loving each other. It might have been violent, it might have been exploitation but still there was a quality of love. This quality might have been poor but still there was a little.
Now I will tell you a story. This story is about a student, a woman who is going today through a very strong energetic process. She is completely overwhelmed by that, so we have many discussions very often. And in these discussions we are talking a lot about the meaning of the live and also about your personal story. The other days she was telling me something that might seem terrible: my father was a very hard drunker, he was always drunk and my mother was a prostitute. And I am the product of this meeting. She was saying: how can my live be happy? It’s impossible! This is the kind of story the journalists love. But when it comes from a person who is trying to go through this and it has to I asked her: do you think your mother never loved you? Do you think your father never loved you? And she said: yes, they did but they behaved so badly with me that all my whole life is apart.
So, can we maintain ourselves as near as possible to this quality that we call love even if everything around it is spoiled? So here again can we put aside all this activities with which we wrap love and go within us to the little tiny rest of love? Like a gardener, because a gardener is doing many things in a garden that is always having a kind of loving relationship, something special with a part?? It is not reluctant to all the problem but has a preference, for example in my master’s garden there are many roses and the ashram is big and the gardener is in loved with roses. It is very strange because he was speaking with every flower every day. And when one flower faint, he cried. Every time there is a rose dying he cries. One day we had a talk with him and ask him: why do you cry when a rose dyes? And he said: because it is so beautiful and I can’t stand beauty to vanish. And my master said it has nothing to do with the loose because beauty is within you. Then he agreed and he said: yes, you are right. And the master said: no, I am not right, this is only half of the answer and he waited and he said: your love is selective because you always see beauty in roses and because you are selective then it’s the division. The division is not love. So, you don’t love roses. He was a sever master, so the gardener was crying more. And the master asked: why are you crying? I’m crying because I don’t love anything, because I am poor and I don’t love anything. But look, at first you said you love flowers and now you say you have no love within you.
So it’s the same thing, the moment you feel you have the perception of love can you stay in it and not putting it in an object? Object can be a person, a thing, an idea; just stay with it, don’t project it on something. If you try to do it when we are talking about it, that is right now, and you try to be lovable and you try to go in that state right now where you are lovable that once again doesn’t mean to loved by something but just to feel love. But this quality is a natural quality it’s not dependent on anything. Second step is how do you stay with it? Can you be serious enough to stay with it and when you lose it to re – actualize it again. Are you interested it doing this? are you doing it? So try to see that when you stop for a few seconds stay silent and try to go within you and try to connect with this quality of being loved. Try for a few seconds.
Any time you lose it stop listening to me and go back. When we come to this natural state if you are going to enter in a relationship – in a relationship most of the time we are caught by the other, not because the other is taking me, but because we have expectations from the other and this expectations are driving out this lovable nature and we lose it –
One of the questions was: how can we manage the relationships where the subject is always the partner? You have to understand this: the partner is not only the other person, you are also a partner to them and if each one has expectations about the other there is no love. Because everyone is forgetting about being lovable, everyone is forgetting about this natural quality of being loved. When it happens like that first of all you have expectations about the other and after some time you are getting lost in this relationship, so you are saying: I need a relationship that is for me. But in me or the other are exactly the same processes. What makes love exist is not the other person, but don’t think that is you, because you are the other for the partner.
What is going on in between these 2 persons? Is the quality of love or is the lead of the quality of love between one and the other?
If you have an expectation with your partner, your partner also has expectations from you. The moment you have expectations you forget about being lovable. The moment you forgot about being lovable there is no relation, because at first you have to connect with this quality of being lovable and coming from there you can start loving.
What is going on in between this 2 persons can be called love and has nothing to do with expectations and nothing to do with being recognized nothing to do with wanting to do something, but has to do with this natural quality.
To find that quality is the entrance into the meditating state. Meditating state does not mean to be in a particular action doesn’t mean anything else then to come very close to that quality of love which is natural for human beings. From this state you can act. If you act from expectation, act from wanting, act from desire that will always bring conflict. Conflict means division.
What we mean by love is a state where there is no division. In this state where there is no division you have to be very clear minded because it can be, which is called in psychology fusion, which is a state where everyone is lost. You are lost into the other. And there is only one way to be lost and it is not linked to the other it is linked to the otherness.
Once again, from this quality of non-division there are 2 different possibilities:
one is tricky is not the good one and is a state of fusion and is a state where you identifying yourself with the other and if the other identifies him with yourself, then everyone is lost. Because when you are identifying with someone else, you begin to behave like the other person, you speak like the other person, to think like the other person you start to build ideals that you should be like that or like that just to please the other person. And after some time you feel completely lost. Because you don’t know anymore who you are. You are totally dependent. When you are dependent on the other person , your dependence is on the image that you build on the other and this image will always become broken and will always bring suffering. But this has nothing to do with the other person but with the image you build. This is the process of fusion.
The other possibility of non-division : it is when from this state of being lovable you shift and you become loving, caring. It is not about caring about the other person and I’m not saying that you should not. It is very important to care for other. And now it becomes very subtle. It is not about take care or being caring of yourself, but being caring of the relationship itself. It is very strange and impossible to understand what things bring people together and if there is something going in between 2 people. So, I’m talking about caring what is going on in between 2 persons. What is going on in this energy of the connection is not understandable with mind, you can only watch his existence. It requires that you give yourself full attention to that energy that goes into. It has nothing to do with the other, nothing to do with yourself, but giving full attention to this quality of relationship. I’m not talking about what sometimes is in a relationship: there is friendship, passion all that different emotions. I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about the nature of the relationship process. The nature of the relationship process has the quality of a very advanced silence. Silence is not the opposite of noise, silence is a quality that includes noise, it is not something that excludes something else and this is the state of meditation. The state of meditation is what we know as love. Thru relationship you can use the relationship to realize the nature of what brings people together. It has nothing to do with personal qualities but with the fact of being together. That is the nature of gathering, of being together. It has to do with the quality which is non-personal of being together. What is it that is non-personal and that we are together with it, and that we are all of us live? I’m not saying that we are sharing, is not a personal sharing because sharing is like a commercial process. It is something that is non-personal and which is common to human kind. It is the nature of the human kind. And what we realize at the end is that the quality of being very attentive is what is common to human kind and which is not personal. And this quality of being attentive is love.
Can you share with us this quality of love that you had at Anandamayi Ma?
There is something I remember. It was the sensation of being accepted totally as I was. Most of the people we meet, they don’t accept us as we are, they would like us very much to be different, they would like very much to be as they would like you to be and people are unhappy. So there will always has to be deceptions. Because you are not like most people like you to be and even when you look at yourself you don’t like yourself. It’s not only that the other people don’t like you as you are, but most often you don’t like how you are. So what was very strong at Ma Anandamayi was that I felt accepted as I was. This has an important consequence, that I didn’t have to hide in any aspect of me, I didn’t have to change any aspect of me, I didn’t disguise any aspect. It was something totally new. And all of a sudden, whatever I could feel – with other people I felt good or bad, guilty or whatever, I could feel a quality or a default – but being look from that moment I didn’t feel I was doing all of that, I felt not myself. I felt being free. I felt being loved only because she was just accepting me. I put her a question: how can you accept everything and everyone? She gave me a strange answer: because I am your child. I am your little daughter. And I know that being your little daughter, my father won’t harm me. The moment you feel you are a child of life then you can accept any situation. Because the natural love which is within as your nature, this natural love will flood. In the world I flourish and I’m trying to see everyone, every situation, everything as a gardener. We are the flowers of life. The flower is something with perfume and if someone smells it or nobody smells it, the flower still has the perfume. This has also to do with love, not to please the nostrils of someone it just gives perfume. This is not a scope, is a natural felling. This is the natural meditating state of life, because all life is a meditation. Only human beings are not, but only human being can be aware of that. Life is in a state of be silence and meditation, in the sense that animals and plants are not aware of that state of meditation. But human being can be aware. The only problem with human being is that they don’t meditate. In nature, this is sure.
Regarding Ma Anandamayi she could flourish this quality of being human. A great discovery for me was that this quality is action. I always thought that action has to come from me, and all actions were bringing problems and difficulties and the biggest problem was that – we might call it spontaneity – but when it comes from that state it does not bring any problem. It is why it requires so much attention.




Being alive implies action and therefore energy for acting. When dealing with daily events, can action be initiated without it being simply a compulsive reaction? Or is its origin rooted in something else? Is there an energy without intention?

If you can remember when we started the meetings, we had 4 meetings and the first time was about Consciousness and Perception, the second was about Love and Relationship, today we will go into new topic called Energy and Action.

There will be a few lines, that were given to think about it and it is:

  • being alive implies action and therefore energy to act;

  • when dealing with daily events the question is the action can be initiated without being a compulsive reaction;

  • or is it the origin of action in something else then reaction?

  • Is there an energy which is called intention

Before going into this, I’m interested to know what kind of response you have to this. How do you feel about this question? What deeply interest you when talking about action and energy. I need you to give me some impulse to see where we are starting into this question.

  • Efficiency of the action

  • How can you be centered in your action and how can you direct the energy

  • Methods of accumulating energy and to conserve it/not waste it

  • Action which will not produce karma

  • How is this “the will of God” from Christianity in the Kashmir; how can you be in the harmony with the universe?

  • There seems to be difficult to be full of energy and full of consciousness; how can you be full of both qualities?

  • Who is acting?

Very important point that we have to start from is when will look at the movement or action, that is what most of us mean when we are talking about action, we are talking about something which is movement. I give you 2 examples from today. I suppose you have heard on the news that there was a bomb in Paris. When you are looking at such a fact is something ordinary that happens everyday somewhere and brings deep reaction. Today I was in the next village at 20 km and everybody is talking about it: newspapers with pages and pages, radio, if you look at the situation something happened, an event happened. This happening is an action and for this action to happen some people are prepared to work and the action comes then from this action there are consequences and there are hundreds and thousands of reactions. Many reactions have nothing to do with the event. Many reactions are idealistic, or emotive or social or political so facing one particular action there are thousands of reactions. This is how we live all the time that is live movement or activity. Because for many of us the image, the representation that we have about life is action is movement. For example if we see something or someone that is not moving we say that is without life. For us action is very much linked to movement, activity, something happening. We are all of us experienced that for action we need kind of force and let’s called it energy.

Now, the question that comes is where is this energy coming from? Many of us we are speechless, we say is God or nature or something that we can not find any sense. Very often we are facing reactions that are much stronger, much more powerful then the action that was at first. One of the bigger question of all traditions has been: is there an energy which has nothing to do with this process of action and reaction? This question has not been put very strongly and openly for centuries. What most of us are interested is making some kind of business with power, energy, force.

For example: can I capture, can I keep energy with me? Can I use it in a way that is good for me? Can I accumulate energy? Like if I want to store in case I need more. We are doing this since centuries. This idea of dealing with energy is very much related to time, that is will I have enough energy for doing this one day or another? Will I have enough energy for dying nicely? Will I have enough? Today energy has very much to do with money for example and for also accumulating knowledge. All movement of energy is related to time.

Now, all the traditions are put the question is there a energy that is timeless?

Of course the answer was yes, but saying yes does not help very much. It’s a very difficult topic because it has to do with what we’ve discussed in the first 2 conferences: Perception & Consciousness and Love & Relationships. Because many times in our life we give to actions the first place. Many times we first act and than we deal with the reactions. And the difficulty is that when we have to deal with the reaction, what we have to deal with is always Consciousness and Love. Do you understand that?

Action is not the first step in our life. It is the very last step, but many of us we gone to a kind of education when we are trained to do at first. It happens all the time in our daily life and when something happened to us people are waiting to see how we will react/to answer. The thing is many times when we put an action the action comes from a condition mind. The condition mind is coming from what is already known, accumulated. If we stop to this idea, can I accumulate energy you are exactly in this old condition pattern of accumulation. Could there be another way?

Which will not be to accumulate but to let the movement flow. That is not making the action personal. It means is it possible to act from a non personal condition as if we were not even a giver but a servant. In our life when we go to coffee shop or restaurant somebody comes to serve you and it has no personal interference. When it comes in and asks: what do you want? and we say we want this and that, and he serves. He does not put any personal addition in this act.

It has to do with this: what is the quality of the servant? For example: the question of efficiency does not exist. The question of accumulating does not exist. What exists is to give. Also the question of how to direct the activity does not exist. Because there is somebody, the customer and it has to deal with that person.

For us, it is calling Sadhana, the inner development of a person, it is a movement from a personal action to a non personal action. In Indian philosophy they have 4 different stages and for this 4 stages, of course they don’t exist by themselves it is just a way to try to understand. These 4 stages are like a representation are not a fixed position. And there are different names, for one name you know it is all over the world, it is called Karma. For karma, the Sanskrit root is “kr” and it means action. And we often find it in Kryia. It is understood like whatever you do, what you do you are going to face reality. Because reality can mean facing somebody, facing a particular situation, a thing or an idea, or whatever. We are all of us experienced that when we are acting upon something, this something will act upon me. Kind of interaction and most of the time the reaction which is coming to me tickles another reaction from me to that something outside. Everything comes and goes and comes and goes and we all witness that the action is not only between me and the other, but they go very far. Like gossiping, like journalism, politics, religions, there are a lot of gossiping going on. All gossips are bringing new reactions until you feel you have no power and everything has go on without your will. Everything is faulted/guilt. Then you feel to give justifications, and when you start justifications all the process is spread even more. It is as if you lost everything and you feel hopeless. And then you feel without energy, feeling that you going to be left within you because everything has gone wrong. And what we are trying to do is asking what has been wrong and start correcting it; sometimes you try to correct it and again you face it over. It seems that the moment we are in that state of mind we are in a position inner situation we are going to be in a big trouble regarding actions. And when it becomes very strong you feel you are lost and you have no more energy. You feel empty. And we would like to feel full.

The question was put: this action that brings reaction is that the proper way of living with energy on earth? So this is what has been called karma. For example you might have heart about the famous book Bhagavad Gita; Gita is a dialog between consciousness and action. Consciousness is symbolized by Krishnna by God and action is symbolized by a general of the army. A general of the army has in his power the life and death of people and what he is going to do has big consequences on other peoples life. The story goes like that the general tells to himself: I cannot fight. He said: I cannot fight because in front of me the enemies some of them I know very well and I feel love and friendship for them. And he is in the middle of the battlefield, the war is there and the cannot move, he is paralyzed. The consciousness comes in as the cart’s driver and the consciousness tell him: what’s the problem with you? Since many years you are been doing war and I see now you are afraid, lost, shaking and almost paralyzed and asks: what is the trouble? And the general of the army what is a doer, he is used to do, to act a lot says: I cannot act. Because I don’t want to kill this people I know. Consciousness said you seem to be very proud of you and the general was very surprised. Normally this way of thinking we think it is a good thing. Consciousness said you are not good, you are just proud, you are very egoistic. The general was very surprised. You are very proud because you think that you are the one deciding who is going to live and who is going to die. You have not this power, you are just a servant, I am the one who knows who has to die and who has to live. This is a shift to another state of mind. The consciousness said you have to do what you have to do because you have a role to do something in this life, in this world on this planet. You have to fulfill your duty. And this was very strange for the general. This has another name in Sanskrit, it is called Svadharma. “Sva” means personal and “dharma” is not personal, is a movement which does not bring any consequences on the person. In karma there are many consequences on the person but in dharma there are no consequences on the person, but is still a personal action. It is as if you do what you have to do, but you do not accumulate consequences, you do not accumulate merits or the opposite of merit. It is a movement where is no feed-back and karma is a movement were are many feed-backs. Who is it possible to pass from one to the other. Yoga has given a tremendous amount of possibilities.

I suppose you have heard about Patanjali. From the beginning Patanjali says: before doing anything you have to be in a particular state of mind. What we mean by doing in classic Yoga is not an action on the world but an action on ourselves. Physical action, what people are calling asanas/postures, it is a way of looking at yoga which is quite usual and very spread. This a way of looking at yoga in an unusual way, not very spread, that asana is an action. So Patanjali is saying that before any action you have to be in a particular state of mind. And he goes to 10 points of ethics. This ethics is already a shortcut because, before Patanjali in Upanishade there are not 10 but 20 ethics. But Patanjali only refers to 10 and can be understood as half of the ethical point have to do with your inner self and the other half is with the outside world. In Sanskrit is Yama and Niyama. It has to do with how do we live permanent. I’m not going to go in this 10 ethics because this will take about 2 or 3 days to explain.

For example: the 2 first are already very difficult. They have to do with not harm and being truth less. And already is very difficult. You might experienced, when you say a truth can you say it without any harm? It is very difficult. What I noticed is that most of the time man in general give priority to not hurting and ladies they give priority to not lying . It is what makes relationships so difficult.

We say that kindness is a masculine and truth is a feminine. Is that a way of saying things but if you want to have this 2 together within you then a battle field starts and the whole life becomes a battle field. It has to do with this: it is shifting from an action that brings many feed-backs to an action that doesn’t bring any feed-back and has to do with the ethic of our life. Unless we live an ethical life we are always loosing energy because action comes from the personal and then reaction of the person who will react will go again and again.

One of the answers regarding how to accumulate energy has to do not with how to accumulate but how not to lose it. You have to be always very centered. To be centered is not a trick, there is no exercise that will keep you centered permanently. Could be the case if we were ascetics, but ascetics they don’t act they just meditate. Maybe they are acting magically, but physically they do nothing. So for many of us who are not living such a life, we have to act.

So the very first point is to stop loosing energy we really need ethical life. There is a difference between morality and ethic: morality has to do with following with an idea, a philosophy something which is given from outside and nobody likes this. Ethic is a kind of revelation that comes from inside. So one way for example is to be in one line with what you thing, what you say and what you do, trying to reduce the conflict between what you thing, say and do. If you try to look at this it is very difficult. Try to look at yourself and try to bring together what you thing, what you say and what you do and the moment you are in that state of mind, is a tremendous energy. The moment there are too big differences between what you think, say and do the energy is losing. Nobody has to tell you, you cannot learn it from somebody else.

Can only learn from this 3 different points: what you think, say and do. This kind of trialog (dialog with 3 elements) is not depending on anything and anyone else. If you could try from time to time to do that and to take anything in your life, does not matter what it is, and you try to put together the thinking, acting and the saying, when you do this an incredible energy comes within you. There is no more scattered movement, it’s a very strong power of concentration. The question of losing energy does not exist, because this coherence in itself is producing a lot of energy. When you have tremendous energy within you and you have to answer to a particular situation, the movement comes from you and goes to the situation. And there is no feed-back. This is what is called Svadharma. The energy is the action that is producing energy. And there is no center, the energy is not coming from a particular center it comes from this coherence of acting, thinking and saying. The topic is not very important, it only has to do with the 3 actions: thinking, saying and doing.

There is a third level Dharma; dharma is very strange when we talk about it. We said that Svadharma is when thinking, acting and saying are all together. What is meant by Dharma is very strange: it is when the thinking is no thinking, is only the energy of thinking but no movement of mind. Also the same about speaking it is only the energy of speaking but is silence. It is the same with action, there is a power of action but no movement. So ti becomes very strange. It is said that the energy of thinking is there but is not used, not used by me, because in Savdharma it is used by me. The energy of speaking is there but it is not used by me. The energy of action is there but it is no doing. It is quite difficult to understand because it becomes non personal. Understanding the words means that the thinking is moving. We could say that the power of the mind, the power of the body and the power of the word are pure and they are not at all acting materialistic. There is no material action. This is what we call energy or we can say the nature of energy. The moment the nature of energy is put into a out world action, when it because materialized, we say that something has happened. Dharma is before happening. Dharma is before.

And then the forth level called in Sanskrit Lilla. It is very difficult to talk about it. In Indian tradition is described very romantic; this is what we call the play of God or what Christian say God’s will. But God has no will. Remember it is a level even before happening, before the energy of happening. In the Christian world this is very important because of the prayer that Jesus gave: “may your will happen”. If we can take this representation of God and make it non personal, it is very difficult because we are conditioned not to.

You heard about the painter Michellangelo and the is a famous chapel in Rome, called the Sistine Chapel, where there is a big painting on the ceiling, it is a representation where the God is a man and if you remember by the finger he creates. It has to do with this movement, something which is pointed. How can we point something that has no material point? How can we understand it? It is impossible. It is said that the origin of all the energy and the origin of all action is the state of Lilla. It is said that only this is acting. We are not acting, we are moving, we are moved by the power of life. This power of life has no destination, has no plan, no future, except movement. This movement is totally free and it is given with no intention, without any motive, without any morality. Morality in the sense of our thought about morality. We have to be very careful with this because many of us are very confused and we mixed up things. Mixing up is like thinking that I have the right to have no morality. This is going to bring big confusion to me and outside. This is what is called dictatorship. We have to be careful of not mixing up this quality of total freedom with lack of morality. This is where we have to start from the beginning again from action; action is only possible when thinking, speaking and acting are all together. And for such an activity to happen once again we have this possibility of bringing together thinking, speaking and acting and for that we need to be very sensitive as conscious as possible and also as careful and loving as possible. To be conscious is to be receptive, sensitive, to be careful and loving in these relationships. There are the keys.

If what you perceive is going to push you to an action which will heart, that will bring confusion. But if you are careful with something or someone, full of love and you are not attentive enough this love is also going to bring action that will bring confusion.

These are the 2 things we can use: perception and being careful to get the right action. It is not enough; the action has to bring together the speaking and the thinking. So all this different points must be put together. This reduces the spread of actions, but the action becomes very pointed and then action is efficient. Then the action itself is going to put you more, to bring you the sensation of being more sensitive. Then the action is going to the correct direction. It will not produce reaction – karma – it will be in a kind of fluid harmony with life and it helps to become even more conscious and we don’t know who is the doer. Because the doer is the movement is not the person. We cannot define the doer. The movement itself is the doer. It’s a very complex question, but these are the ways we can try to look at it. It’s a shift from energy to inergy (I from interior). What I call inergy is something which has no beginning and no end. It’s a permanent movement of activity which has no beginning. In the shivaism tradition, in all Indian traditions they say ”what we are is that”. What we are meaning our nature, nature of life, is a permanent movement which goes by itself only we submit to it.



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