Courses and Seminars


Andre Riehl – Bucharest – February 2017

11-12 February 2017 – Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

  • Prana Kriya Sadhana: Series of eight dynamic breathing, development of intensity and duration through concentration and will power.
  • Dharana: the three intensity of concentration.
  • Sithilikarana: the three levels of sensitivity expansion.
  • Vijnana Bhairava Tantra: “The Tantra of supreme understanding” is one of the famous texts of Shaivism. It contains 112 sutras or meditative exercises. It is a system that uses the full spectrum of a yogi mind, emotions and feelings in which the diversity of human life is lived in a mystical way. Text study and practice.

13 – 14 -15  February 2017 – Nidra Yoga

The practice of Nidrâ Yoga consists of a range of highly codified exercises to visit the various functions that organize the human being. It relies on two fundamental approaches that are very deep conscious relaxation and penetrating concentration without tension.


Vijnana Bhairava Tantra will continue in 2017:

     3-4 June / 23-24 September/ 16-17 December     



The seminar program:
Saturday February 11th – Sunday, February  12th – 9 am -18.30 (with lunch)
The course will unhold: Anahata Center (16, Fabrica de Glucoza Street)
Handful Contact:,, 0721 931747,



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